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Jade D Waller

I think that my art started before I even understood what art was. My earliest art was at the age of 4 (when most children draw a circle head with arms protruding straight out of the head). Somehow, I drew a nativity scene in complete perspective. I do not remember ever thinking this was unusual.

As a teenager, my mother enrolled me at Frank Joubert Art School. I was very fortunate to have had such an amazing teacher at that art school.  She inspired and challenged me and slowly I improved my techniques and started interpreting my own style. 

After matriculating, I spent a year trying different careers. I realised in that year that the only thing that inspired me was art and the following year I enrolled at Ruth Prowse Art School. 

Before I started studying, I met a lot of people who were illustrators, tattoo artists and graffiti artists. I became involved in many of their lives and was very inspired by the freedom of these art forms.  I hadn’t been introduced to the’ formal art world’ yet so I was only really exposed to the more underground exhibitions. It was only when I began studying art at Ruth Prowse that I learnt about conceptual art. I then became very influenced by more academic art styles and felt obligated to stop producing paintings and drawings but rather make installations.

I began lecturing at Ruth Prowse in 2009. I am inspired by the more practical subjects I teach, such as figure drawing and painting. I love to see the approach through new styles to these subjects. I feel it keeps things fresh. I always see new things. I have huge respect all kinds of art, but I prefer to be intuitive and consciously think a little less while I paint/sculpt. I trust that what I want to communicate will be clear once I am done.

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