Project Description

Mook Lion

I just completed my Master’s in Fine Arts at the Durban University of Technology, but I started investigating street art and mural art as visual activism in Durban between 2014 and 2017. I became invested in this form of cultural expression through participating in Hip Hop culture – which focused on graffiti in Durban from the mid- 2000s.

I produce site specific and socially conscious artwork in the public domain – theoretical and historical research as well as primary information gathered through interviews with members of the public, informs my art practice.

Through institutional education at the Durban University of technology, I began attempting to combine academic fine art and graffiti which lead me to this area of interest. Currently, I often work collaboratively with experienced artists and community members – aiming to make art which performs a social and cultural function by beautifying or repurposing wasted space and communicating with the public around social injustices and the importance of nature preservation. 

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