Project Description


I got involved in graffiti around the end of 2006 – not knowing the crazy adventure that would follow over the next decade. I had always been interested in drawing realism and lettering from a young age – it was only natural for me to go in such a direction. Graffiti was like an investigation for me, trying to find people that were like-minded, and more importantly finding ways to improve.

While moving towards my adulting years, it became difficult for me to be so active, and I sort of slowed down to almost a halt. But I had always been involved in a creative position through my work life. I was eventually taken on as assistant to Mars in June 2018. This obviously became a great opportunity for me to push what would have only been a dream in the past. In the last 18 months, I’ve been able to push my graffiti and make a living off of graffiti and art – working with one of the best Johannesburg has seen. 

When it comes to graffiti, I like to explore the different letter formations and the mysterious fill in combinations. More recently I’ve figured I really enjoy painting more illustrative characters.

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